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A great business starts with great people – people who are committed to
the organization’s vision, are focused on results, and deliver outstanding
customer satisfaction.

Since 1991 Insurance Career Network has been working with the Insurance Industry offering an extensive talent resource network. We are able to identify and attract these high calibre candidates to your company.

Our experienced Recruitment Consultants are well versed in comprehensive search and screening techniques, ensuring that we select from the best skill sets available and we are able to achieve a close fit with the unique requirements of each client.

Our extensive networks of affiliates, throughout the Canadian Insurance Industry, enable us to find talent in all aspects of insurance including working in areas such as:

• Accounting
• Appraisers
• Brokers and Agents – RIBO/OTL
• Business Development
• Call Centre Staff
• Claims
• Clerical
• Customer Service
• Executives
• Legal
• Loss Control
• Marketing
• Management
• Reinsurance
• Risk Management
• Sales
• Speciality Lines
• Supervisors
• Suppliers to the Industry
• Support Staff
• Training
• Underwriting



Initial planning and consultation, needs assessment and job definition, compensation advice, research, advertising, internet search, direct recruiting, short-listing, face to face interviews, candidate presentations, reference checking, assistance in final selection, package negotiation, and post-placement follow-up.


Many of our clients have worked with us for many years. We are the go to Agency for positions requiring experience in many areas such as Underwriting, Claims, Risk Management, Brokers, etc.

Why do our clients keep coming back? Because we give them the results they need to fill positions quickly and with the right experience and fit.

We don’t need much to get started! Just give us a call and we will go through the job requirements with you. That’s it!

Our job is to make your job as easy as possible, no complication having to explain your business or what you do – we already know.

Once we understand the search assignment and your search criteria, we get started!


The first place we attack is our database. Here we can search through to find individuals we know have the skills our clients are looking for.

We use many other search tools depending on the position we are working on. And of course, we have many more tricks up our sleeves, but these are our trade secrets!! Kidding, there are no secrets is just hard work!

We also work with you to design the most suitable course of action and follow your requirements in keeping searches on a confidential basis.

If you need us to, we can also assist you to design the job description.

Once we have identified a list of suitable candidates, we start to connect with them and engage in dialogue to find interested individuals.

We filter and then we filter some more to short list the most suitable ones for interviews.


Once we have made our selection of suitable candidates we go through the interview process.

Our initial interview is done on the phone or via skype. From here we invite only those we have selected for a face to face interview into our office.

The short listed candidates we present to our client and provide an overview and summary of the interview and relevant information you will need to make a decision.


There is nothing more important than keeping our clients informed of our progress.

As sometimes it takes a bit of time to locate the right person for the job – we will keep you informed on our search results on a regular basis.

When job searches change or require alterations, we can easily shift our focus to meet any new requirement.


Our service extends beyond a successful candidate’s start date. For our clients’ benefit, we provide reasonable guarantee periods. This period of time allows our clients the opportunity to evaluate an individual’s performance.

A detailed Fee and Guarantee Schedule is available on request.

For more information call one of our consultants today.