Testimonials from our Clients:

Thumbs-UPTo Whom it May Concern:
I have had the pleasure of working with Francis and her firm for 8 years both as a client and as a candidate.
As a client, Francis ensures that she has all of the information regarding the desired candidate’s skills and experience. She listens closely to the requirements and produces quality candidates. She provides regular feedback on the status of recruiting activities. Francis has in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry. She regularly attends networking events to maintain a strong pipeline of candidates.
Francis and her team provide a very high level of customer service by being responsive and providing clear communication.
As a candidate, Francis provided me with additional training required to understand recruiting and working in the insurance industry which was beneficial to my employer.
I would highly recommend Francis and Insurance Career Network.
Human Resources Partner

We have had the pleasure of working with Francis and her firm for 25 years, and greatly benefit from their high level of professionalism and exemplary service.

Francis has the highest of standards, principles and integrity, and her experience is invaluable to our company and the recruiting services that we need.

Francis works hard for us, she always responds quickly, and they have placed some very exceptional candidates with our company.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Francis and Insurance Career Network!
Operations Manager
Major Insurance Brokerage Firm

“At our Firm we understand the importance of hiring top talent in order for our brokerage to succeed. Insurance Career Network has delivered strong candidates for our review time and time again. We have been very pleased with the level of professionalism that we receive from their team.”
Vice President Commercial Lines – Large Regional Brokerage Firm

We have worked with Insurance Career Network for about 8 years now. We have had great success with the candidates they have presented to us. Their team excels at understanding our culture and finding us the right fit. Insurance Career Network’s team delivers a selection of qualified and well suited candidates for us to short list. Candidates coming for interviews are well prepared and know the requirements of the position. Insurance Career Network offers great support and guidance to each of their candidates. We have well documented this as we often ask the candidates about their agency experience. The extensive Insurance knowledge they bring to each assignment, saves us a great deal of time and money. We will continue to work with the staff at Insurance Career Network and we highly recommend them!

VP Human Resources – International Insurance Company

I have worked with Francis at Insurance Career Network for over 5 years. Francis has always been able to understand our culture and has always been able to provide us with quality candidates in a timely manner.  I know if I have a difficult and rush order Francis can deliver!
Human Resources Manager – Major Global Insurance Company

I can’t thank you enough for providing me the opportunity today to be part of WICC. What you and your company did was amazing to provide that level of support and give back to our community. You are helping someone out there a second chance at life! Big hugs to you and your team at Insurance Career Network, please stay in touch. Should I ever need assistance to find people on my end, I will be sure to reach out to you.
Human Resources Manager – Global Insurance Brokerage Firm

Thanks for your sense of urgency to move this along quickly. You are a magic worker!
Office Manager – Global Insurance Brokerage Firm

I just wanted to say thank you for your continued professionalism and attention to detail, when helping us find suitable candidates.  We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Insurance Career Network, and are looking forward to continuing to work with you.
Regional Brokerage Firm

Testimonials from our Candidates:

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, I was told you are amazing! Always great to make connections!
Life/Group Account Manager

You have been extremely helpful from day one and I appreciate you and Insurance Career Network for that.
Senior Claims Adjuster

Thank you for everything so far! I have passed your name along to a few interested people.
Senior Commercial Account Manager

Great thank you. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. You have made this transition period for me a lot easier than it could have been.
Commercial Underwriter

Thanks again for being there for me every step of the way. You connected me with an amazing company and job position I know i would enjoy for years to come.
I really do appreciate your help with everything!!! I’m ready and excited to go back to work.
Personal Lines CSR

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help in finding me this great opportunity and negotiating on my behalf, every dollar helps. Benefits after 6 months was a nice surprise. I look forward to starting on Monday. Thanks again.
Personal Insurance CSR

It was so great to work with you and your team and I will definitely recommend you to anyone that comes my way. This was such a seamless process and you and Francis are really great at what you do!! I will definitely stay in touch and keep you in the loop. Have a great weekend.
Commercial Account Manager

Great to hear from you! Things are going very well. Since my placement I have been promoted to Senior Underwriter! I am sending you my friend’s resume. We have worked together in the past and I know he is very capable, diligent and dedicated to his work. I told him how you were able to find me exactly what I was looking for. I am confident you can do the same for him!
Senior Commercial Underwriter

I first met Francis Ruiz 9 year ago. In that time, she has helped me successfully connect with employers who have greatly benefited my career. She is the best at what she does and there is no one I would rather deal with.
National Commercial Senior Specialist

I learned very quickly that the insurance industry is an incredibly vast and complex one. As a young man fresh from University I had spent a year working for a large insurance company before deciding to get my insurance RIBO license and pursue a career as a broker.

Upon successful completion of my license examination I was quickly offered my first position and before I knew it I was behind a desk working as an insurance broker. However, being new to the industry, I lacked the necessary experience to know how to negotiate an unemployment contract, ask the right questions and understand what certain industry terms meant for me. Essentially, I was “in the dark” so-to-speak. That was when a trusted friend of mine recommended the Insurance Career Network.

After the first meeting with my representative from ICN I knew that I had made the right choice in seeking their services. To begin, they made me feel without a doubt that they were concerned first and foremost with what was best for me. At the time I was quite green but they were able to illustrate to prospective employers about my potential. They didn’t over sell me they simply saw talent that needed fostering and in the end, I was placed with a brokerage that was looking for young talent to nurture. This placement allowed me to become the broker I am today. I resigned from this brokerage due to a personal relocation.

Finally, nearly 8 years after my first placement I had hit a point in my career where I needed to make a definitive decision on the size and type of brokerage I was seeking for the rest of my career. The first action I took was to call ICN. In less than three weeks I have secured placement with a brokerage that fits both my short and long term career ambitions. ICN was with me every step of the way. In addition, because I had an existing portfolio ICN made sure that this next brokerage was also a good fit for my clients. Again, the placement was a successful one and I was able to greatly add to my insurance knowledge base.

If all goes as I hope I will remain here the rest of my career. The only downside to that is I likely won’t be able to work with ICN again! Having said that, any broker I meet at any stage in their career, I will wholeheartedly refer to ICN. ICN played a vital role in the best decisions I’ve made as an insurance professional.

Your Loyal Friend.
Broker, Commercial Executive


I really appreciate your help in the past and even though I’m currently not looking, I will continue to recommend you 🙂

I am still in the administration supervisory role, should this change at any point at time your agency will be my first stop. I had a terrific experience with your agency, really appreciate it.

Thank you for all your help over the last couple of months. I’m excited for the change so I know it’s the right move.

You have been absolutely awesome.

I thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate your assistance. In the future, I would definitely turn to your company to pursue other options.